Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My first blog post

Well, here goes. My dive into the crazy fast paced world of posting my thoughts for everyone to see. After talking to a really good friend of mine known to the world as QuesoKid and seeing his blog, and his other blog I decided "why not" and here I am. I am a big time sports fan, so, naturally, that is what I am going to ramble about. I enjoy all major sports, and a few minor ones, with my favorite sport of course being NBA basketball. I also have a favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs. So, with delay, my late entry into the wacky world of blogging has begun.


Blogger QuesoKid said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!! Good luck with the blog.

BTW, it's official. They changed the name of the SBC Center to the AT&T Center.

Go Spurs!!

8:44 AM  

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