Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shaq vs Kobe IV: Wrestlemania Take a Step Back (Part II)

So, Shaq is old and fat (see Part I for details)

Kobe is becoming the posterchild for selfish play. When anyone scores a lot of points with very few assists, it is now called pulling a Kobe. I am sure everyone wouldn't mind as much if he didn't completely give up on defense. Kobe refuses to fight over screen, putting his big men in difficult positions. As a result, the Lakers interior defense is faced with challenging a driving guard and potentially fouling him or pulling the ball out of the net to pass to Kobe to dribble around and jack a shot. Sounds like a fun way to play the game doesn't it? All in all, the Lakers will go as far as the help defense around Kobe can take them. Phil Jackson is pulling one of the best scams in all of basketball. He has the team believing that Kobe taking a ridiculous number of shots and playing next to no defense is good basketball. Last I heard, it was still a team game. If Kobe can stay on fire and keep his percentage up like he is, the Lakers will probably make the playoffs in the depleted west. However, if they face anyone who actually plays basketball like it is a team sport, a.k.a. San Antonio or Dallas, Then expect them to get swept. All in all, the Lakers are not really very good, mainly because they play marginal defense thanks to Kobe

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